vacuuming client home

Our approach to best-practice cleaning

One of the greatest benefits to in-home care is the ability for a person to remain comfortable and safe in their own surroundings. But, to ensure they are safe at home, it is important that the environment remains clean and clutter free and that is where we come in.

Reducing infection rates

Since COVID-19 it has become even more critical to consider potential sources of infection whether brought into the home or within the home environment. At myHomecare we take infection control extremely seriously and have strict plans in place to ensure we adhere to all government guidelines and remain on top of the best-practice prevention strategies.

Cleaning equipment

Using cleaning equipment can be problematic if it isn’t being serviced or cleaned regularly itself. For example the dust bags on vacuum cleaners can cause the spread of infection as they move from one surface to another. We are therefore very careful about introducing products and equipment into new environments and ensure we are not the source of infection spread.

Disposable items

The use of disposables can be an excellent way to reduce infection and we take care to use, and dispose carefully, of items like gloves, aprons and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where possible. When we dispose of equipment we ensure it is sealed and removed from the home to prevent the spread of infection.

Personal hygiene

We know some of the best methods of infection control is to thoroughly wash hands regularly and use sanitiser when required. While this has always been part of our policy, it has become even more important since the spread of COVID-19.


All of the best policies and procedures cannot be successful unless your team is trained and kept up to date with government and company guidelines. We ensure our staff remain informed and current so they can provide the best possible service and keep your family safe, comfortable and secure.

Best-practice procedures

This provides a small selection of our best-practice cleaning procedures we have in place to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Regular staff training with qualified instructors
  • Up-to-date cleaning methods and practices
  • Communication procedures in place to keep staff informed
  • Quality cleaning product and equipment guidelines
  • Laundering procedure policy
  • Regular internal audits of our procedures
If you would like more information about in-home care, or access to services, you can contact our team of experts today on (03) 8785 0999.