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What is a My Aged Care Referral Code?

Navigating the resources available to aged care recipients can be tricky. By learning more about the Australian Government’s My Aged Care system, you can simplify the process of accessing the support you need and making the most of the resources available to you.

My Aged Care is the starting point for accessing any government-funded aged care services. Accessible online, on the phone or in person, this service provides information on the different types of aged care services available, an assessment of needs to identify eligibility and the right type of care, and referrals and support for identifying home care service providers that meet those needs.

One of the most important things to access via My Aged Care? Your relevant referral code.

What is a My Aged Care referral code?

The referral code is a unique number that an individual receives when they’re assigned a Home Care Package by the My Aged Care team. This code unlocks access to services and supports, giving the provider of your choice the ability to access your ACAT/ACAS assessment. This assessment contains key details about your needs and requirements, and is the link that allows your home care provider to trigger your Home Care Package funding on your behalf.

How do I get a referral to My Aged Care?

In order to access a referral code, you need to register for My Aged Care. No referral is needed in order to apply for subsidies. Registration can take place by calling 1800 200 422, and you can also have someone call on your behalf if you require assistance.

Allow for 30 minutes for the initial phone call, which will register you for My Aged Care and arrange an in-home assessment, which is necessary to access any future funding and support. Once this is arranged, someone from My Aged Care will come to your home or to the hospital to assess your needs, asking you and your loved ones about your current support needs and ongoing requirements.

What is the My Aged Care referral code used for?

Your unique referral code gives your care provider access to your care documents. This allows them to assess if they’re the right provider for you, based on your particular needs and the outcome of your assessment.

If a provider deems that they’re a fit, the referral code will allow them to finish your sign-up process quickly and smoothly. This then allows them to access your Home Care Package funding on your behalf, enabling them to deliver support services to you.

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Examples of the My Aged Care referral code

Your referral code is an individual number that starts with a 1-, followed by eight or more other numbers.

If you receive a letter from My Aged Care that contains multiple codes, these could be CHSP referral codes instead. This allows you to receive interim funding while waiting for your Home Care Package to be assigned.

Some participants may opt to self-manage their NDIS plan. This creates a high degree of flexibility and choice in deciding which supports will be used to pursue your plan goals. 

Examples of a HCP referral code include:

  • 1-43543251
  • 1-6778-802
  • 1-32446283426

How to switch providers

If you need to switch providers, it’s important to start by checking your Home Care Agreement with your current provider. There may be crucial details under areas such as notice periods and exit amounts. If you decide to switch, you’ll need to contact My Aged Care to reactivate your referral code. The new code you then receive needs to be given to your new provider before they’re able to provide you with their services.

You’ll also need to notify your current provider, who are required to work with you to help change providers. An agreed transition date will allow for the handover to go seamlessly, ensuring you don’t lose out on any funding in the process.

If you require any support in switching home care providers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be able to assist in making this process as smooth as possible.